Pertinent info is found on the label. Red wines usually trump whites in alcohol content. Burgundy is the definition of a strong red.

More? Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are two names for the same wine. Dry yet sweet whites complement fish, chicken and pork dishes. Shiraz, Syrah, what's the difference? There is none. Some wines are made from rotting grapes: Botrytis, or noble rot, makes good dessert wine. Some whites age better in stainless steel.

Sit and intelligently sip a glass. Boxes, while repugnant, hold viable vinos. Gulp. Pursing your lips and inhaling some air while the wine is still on your palate is also a nice way to spread the more complex flavors through your sinuses. Spice, strawberries, oak and tar. Can't taste them? Drink more. Bouquet refers to wine's aroma. Delicacy is prized in pinot noir and riesling.

Hint: Sangiovese is a four syllable word. Maybe more if you're drunk. The term meritage is a blend of merit and heritage, and usually describes blended California wines. The principal acid in wine is tartaric acid. The first stage of wine tasting is looking over the appearance of the wine. Swine and wine pair well. At sea, brutes have raided wine barrels. All grape juice is white, only the skins of purple grapes contain the dark pigment.

Starts strong on the tongue with explosions of plum, floral, fruits. A toast to one's health originated in Greece – it meant "I'm not trying to kill you."